The Many Flavors of Limoncello

The last day of our Amafli Coast trip was to the ruins of Pompeii. We had the option of a guided tour, a self-guided tour, or to stay on the outskirts of the ruins and poke around the shops, stands, and restaurants. A group of us decided we had seen enough ruins and gone on enough guided tours in our time in Italy so far, so we decided to seek other activities. We discovered Domus Pompeiana, the limoncello factory in Pompeii.


You are immediately greeted by a free sample of limoncello, and then another, and yet another. Little did I know that limoncello doesn’t come in only it’s yellow, sweet form, but there are many types of limoncello. We had the opportunity to taste crema di limoncello, melon limoncello, the classic limoncello, and, my personal favorite, chocolate limoncello.

IMG_4664 IMG_4668

Each variety had a distinct taste to it. The crema di limoncello was a bit milder, the melon limoncello entirely too sweet for my liking, and the chocolate limoncello gave the perfect balance. Limoncello originates from the Amalfi Coast region, though I’ve realized that each region I have been to in Italy has been very proud of their own limoncello recipes. From the alps down to Ascoli, I have been lucky enough to try each one. Though I must say, the limoncello on the Amalfi Coast has taken it to an art. Walking around, it is clear to see why. The lemons grown in the area are absolutely massive! 



One thought on “The Many Flavors of Limoncello

  1. Ahh how awesome! I would have loved that Tour. After all One of our family traditions became making homemade Limoncello at Christmas time. Wonder how Aunt Toni’s limoncello would match up? You’ll have to do a taste test this Christmas and let me know.
    Having said that, I believe you missed a great tour. Seeing Pompe was so impressive. One of my favorite educational spots. If you get a second chance to visit you should. Have fun! I am enjoying reading your journal. We will be in Italy Sept 13-23. Your stories are making me more eagar and excited to be there.
    Love ya 😜

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