Away to Amalfi

Back in May when the anticipation was still high to leave for Italy, a group of us on the trip decided to book a Bus2Alps tour of the Amalfi Coast. Kind of a “last hoorah” for the those in the nutrition program, we booked it for the last weekend all 24 of us would be together. As the weeks flew by like seconds, suddenly our “vacation” had arrived. After a hectic bus ride to Rome to barely catch our bus to Sorrento, we all crashed at the hotel and awaited our 6:45am wakeup call to depart for the beautiful island of Capri. Being boated around the island of Capri for two hours, there are barely words to describe it. Pictures do no justice to the beauty that we got to experience first hand. About half way through our tour we were given the option to swim in the Blue Grotto, which of course I jumped at. We were transferred into boats with 3 other people to be brought into the cave. The experience, though short, was well worth it. The glowing waters from the natural light encased you in the strangest and most comfortable way.

 IMG_4620 IMG_4607

 After a tour of Capri we were bussed up to Anacapri, the area above Capri that overlooks the entire island. The most student friendly (aka cheapest) option for returning to Capri from Anacapri was to take a series of staircases down. This process took a chunk of time and leg muscle to conquer, but ultimately the views were worth the pain. After a night of decompressing we spent the day in Positano, the most breathtakingly beautiful portion of the weekend trip. The picture perfect colored houses seemed stacked upon each other on the side of the hill. Definitely not handicap friendly, the staircases winded down towards the beach. Black sand allowed for optimum tanning ability. We spent the day in Positano finally having the chance to decompress. No school work was mentioned and we allowed ourselves to fully enjoy the natural beauty we were in. First things first, we decided renting a boat for 10 would be the most effective way to spend our time in Positano. Our boat driver first took us to magnificent caves that we were allowed to jump off the boat and swim in, and then to small cliffs where we were allowed to climb and jump off of. The experience is one that will never be duplicated. The beauty of the Amalfi Coast is something that is unrivaled in my memory.



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