The Joy of Enjoying

When I’m home in Durham, NH I feel we live in a culture that’s aways rushing around. I work at the local coffee shop downtown, Breaking New Grounds, and I constantly deal with a fast-paced clientele. People can be very impatient and almost every order is a “to-go” order.  Coming here for our first week of classes, I partially expected the same thing. Being so used to bringing all my homework to a coffee shop or to the library with a sandwich in hand as I walk down the street, I assumed it would be normal to do the same thing here. After our first few classes, we had some assignments to do and decided to meet at a cafe between classes to complete them.  My first shock was that no one seemed to have any books, any electronics, or any care in the world at the cafe. Every person ordered their espresso, sat at a table with a friend, and leisurely drank.  For us, we took up almost all the table space with notebooks and papers, barely spoke 3 words to each other, and blindly ate while we scribbled away. Day after day I noticed this phenomenon that was so strange to me. Eating lunch is an event, people leave work for 3 hours at a time and enjoy the company around them. That’s why being here has inspired me to take back lunch. The culture I’ve grown up in has always emphasized the quick and easy nature of grabbing something on the go or of multitasking and eating while working, but I’ve decided we should take back lunch and learn to enjoy each bite the way it’s meant to be. Time to take some lessons home from Italy!

IMG_4116 IMG_4018


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