Down by the Riverside

One of the things I relish in the most in Ascoli Piceno is the beauty emanating from every street. The cobblestone walkways and narrow roads instantly transport you to a different time. The piazzas shine so brightly and people bend over the fountains in Piazza Arringo to drink out of the mouth of the horse fountains. The one natural beauty we jumped (literally) right into finding is the river right over the bridge from our school. Our first day in Ascoli Piceno we discovered this wonderful rocky spot on the river where locals go to cool off. Our initial experience there was…. unique to say the least.  While pretty much all 24 of us relaxed in the sand an older gentleman came up to us and started speaking Italian. Of course, it being our first day there, we did not necessarily know what he was saying. Piecing it together he said he writes for a newspaper and wanted to write an article about the American students who come in the summer. Our Italian tour guide, Davide, informed us that the American students are very well known here in Ascoli. The man proceeded back to his group of friends then returned holding freshly cut watermelon for all of us. The hospitality in this town is unreal!


Photo on 2014-07-03 at 13.37


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