The beauty of a porchetta panino


Food trucks have become quite the trend in the United States, and when exploring the outdoor market on Wednesday, I was directed to the most spectacular one. Never did I think 2,50 euro, some greasy meat, and a crusty white roll would bring me so much joy. The gastronomic experience I’m referring to is called a “porchetta panino”, literally a pork sandwich. I was told by professors in my program that this was something I must try before leaving Ascoli Piceno. The food truck is called Gastronomia di Matteo. I watched as two older Italian men shaved piles of meat onto a small crusty white roll, and though my Italian is quite broken, when the gentleman making my sandwich held up a piece of crispy pork skin and gestured towards me, the word “si” immediately expelled from my mouth.


Taking the first bite was an experience that could not ever be replicated. A friend of mine on the trip who is also in EcoGastronomy embarked on this experience with me. No sauces or enhancers were added to this porchetta panino. As stated earlier, simply meat and bread. The first bite allowed for a large chunk of tender white meat, clearly cooked for hours on end. The meat was soft and not overpoweringly salty. By bite number two, I got to my favorite part, the skin. The skin was crisp and salty with a layer of fat sitting perfectly underneath it. The beauty of it all, this porchetta panino is common here in Ascoli Piceno, and I’ve only hit food truck number one!



2 thoughts on “The beauty of a porchetta panino

  1. Hi lovely Mika!
    I think in that in this “magical” Pochetta panino you might have had a “taste” of that mystical truth …. “less is more”!
    Without any “sauces” or “embellishments” you where able to sink your beautiful teeth in the layered delight of the porchetta and experience how often things hide much more below their superficial simplicity!
    We miss you!

  2. Mika: You are NOT going to believe this but I had Porchetta last night at Campo Enoteca in Manchester as an appetizer!! Also had bresoala and speck….it was wonderful…can’t wait to see you xox Dad aka Papa

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